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JUST 750 Fund

Lead a philanthropic investment unlike any other.

JUST’s first loan to new clients is $750. By investing in the 750 Fund, you’re investing in hundreds of female-owned businesses. Help us raise $75,000.

How does it work?

  • $75,000 provides 100 new clients with their first loans, which they will repay over 13 weeks (1 quarter)

  • After 1 quarter, those 100 clients will have paid back their loans

  • JUST will recycle the principal from re-paid loans to serve the next set of 100 new clients over 13 weeks, and so on until JUST invests in 400 new clients within 1 year.

You’re invited to get in on this early. Join us in supporting the entire ecosystem of local entrepreneurs by making a sustainable investment in the gift that keeps on giving!