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Be an Ambassador.


More meaning. More fun.

The mission of the JUST Ambassador program is to empower a community of changemakers to take action.

We believe together we can do more.  



Let’s back makers.

Ambassadors help JUST invest in more entrepreneurs like Susi. Watch her story, understand why we do this work.

We believe in opportunity for all.



Who is a JUST Ambassador?

JUST Ambassadors are young Austinites who desire to make a meaningful impact in their city and meet others who are doing the same. Our Ambassadors support JUST by sharing about JUST in their communities, holding fun events, connecting JUST with potential partners, inspiring their employers to get involved, and so much more. We believe in learning by doing, so that’s exactly what we’re doing.

The Ambassador Program has three primary components:

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Attend the Ambassador welcome session. In this two-hour, fun, and interactive session you will learn about JUST and meet other cool people.



Meet new people. The Ambassador program will connect you with peers and JUST entrepreneurs through community events.

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Take action. We are building a more equitable world and invite you to be a part of something special. Together we can do more.


Meet Isabel.

Be a part of unlocking opportunity for thousands of more creators like Isabel.


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3 Ways to Act

One thing that binds all JUST Ambassadors: action. We lay out three simple ways Ambassadors can get started now.

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Grow the 750 Fund

Raise the capital to deploy 400 loans to new JUST clients ($750 each). Support hundreds of local female-owned ventures in Austin and help JUST reach their goal of serving 1,000 women in Austin and achieving financial sustainability. 

The fund is self-sustainable - as loans are repaid by new clients, the capital is recycled and deployed to the next round of new clients.


Invite a Friend

Creating a more just world is the work of everyone. Invite other like-minded peers to become an Ambassador. New Ambassadors are joining every month.


You decide.

Start your own salon dinner. Be a JUST champion at work. Or create something that hasn’t been seen before. The only limitation is your creativity.

JUST is here to help you succeed.