5 Steps to Join

Are you an entrepreneur looking to invest in your business? Do you strive to be a role model for your community? If so, JUST might be the right partner. These 5 simple steps will give you a better idea of who we are and what we hope to accomplish with our entrepreneurs.


1. get invited.

JUST is an entrepreneur and community driven organization. You and another entrepreneur (Trust Member) will need to be recommended by an existing JUST Member or pass through one of our community partners. See a list here



2. show up. 

Ready? Next up is a series of in-person meetings for potential Members. If you and your Trust Member demonstrate your commitment by following through, you will proceed to the next step. The inviting Member or community partners will have more information.

3. grow as a leader and entrepreneur.

The next step is to attend the 8-week leadership program with your Trust Partner alongside a number of other like-minded entrepreneurs.  This is not class. We value your time and ours. This is more of an experience than a workshop. It is designed to help you see your business and your world from a different perspective. 



4. Invest in your business.

JUST knows capital is important to growing your business. In week 2 of the Leadership Program, you will receive your introductory loan. It is designed to limit risk, instill trust, and grow over time. Your inviting Member will have more details and will be able to share how the program has effected their businesses and beyond. 

5. join your peers.

JUST believes through capital and coaching we can cultivate a transformational community. Members meet weekly with their peers and connect over the ups and downs of work and life. JUST facilitates Member-wide events that are designed to inspire. 



Pay it Forward. 

Did the JUST program help you grow your business or take greater control over your finances? Do you know other entrepreneurs you trust? We give our Members opportunities to invite others to the program so we can help more people realize their dreams. Together we can do more.

Check out our Blog to learn more about our entrepreneurs.