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Less Stress.
More Joy.

JUST invests in female entrepreneurs to create more resilient communities, starting in Texas.


Moving from exclusion to inclusion.


Credit scores, collateral, and a track record are barriers that exclude people—especially women and minorities—from starting and growing a business. JUST aims to do something about that. 


Powered by technology. 
Driven by humans.

The JUST solution is designed to unlock resources for entrepreneurs to thrive. We provide access to capital and coaching within a supportive community.


Lending based on trust, not a credit score.

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Putting power back in the hands of the entrepreneur.

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Designing a delightful and more human experience.

The support from JUST offers a foundation for growth. Along with my own drive, I am confident I can overcome and surpass my own goals.

Let's rewrite the story of opportunity.


JUST is on a mission to serve hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs excluded from the mainstream.

Together, we can do more.