Microcredit, reimagined.

JUST has reimagined the groundbreaking work of global microfinance (trust-based lending for entrepreneurs) designed for the United States. Our process innovation revolves around training and supporting entrepreneur leaders, known was JETAs (JUST Entrepreneur Trust Agents)


What is a JETA?

  • J.E.T.A. - JUST Entrepreneur Trust Agent
  • An entrepreneur that wants to create a support group of peers
  • Facilitator of conversations in small accountability groups
  • A role model for the community

How do you become a JETA?

  • Complete the JUST 8-week leadership training program
  • Form a small group from 3 to 10 entrepreneurs
  • Continue to support your group to fulfill the JUST requirements

What are the requirements to join a group?

  1. Be invited by a JETA
  2. Join with another entrepreneur
  3. Have a business or business idea
  4. All businesses must be different
  5. Family is not allowed in the same group

Are there benefits to being a JETA?

  • Larger loans, faster
  • Unique personal and professional opportunities, like summer camp for their children
  • Special education opportunities
  • Member of JUST Community Advisory Board
  • Status as a community leader

This is really important to JUST, too.

  • JETAs become leaders and role models for the community
  • JUST is able to serve more entrepreneurs more efficiently
  • By extending trust through JETAs, JUST maintains a healthier loan portfolio