Our Approach

Our entrepreneurs are catalysts for change.


Our Approach

Our entrepreneurs are catalysts for change.

Our Approach

We provide capital and coaching to hard-working, low-income entrepreneurs within a supportive community of peers. 


Capital more broadly represents access to resources. JUST has begun with small dollar loans designed around the needs of hard-working, low-income entrepreneurs.  


JUST has developed simple frameworks to help Members make more informed decisions. The tools follow a simple learning principal - plan, write it down and reflect on the experience.  


Peer support is a powerful tool to inspire change. JUST combines close-knit, self-organizing groups with large inspirational events to encourage Members to strive for better. 


Designed to Scale

JUST leverages the power of human connections. We believe entrepreneurs are a powerful catalyst for change. 


We identify entrepreneurs with two key attributes 1) a commitment to invest in their businesses and 2) a desire to give back to their community. 


Entrepreneurs participate in JUST's 8-week leadership development program to improve as entrepreneurs and grow as leaders. Our goal is to inspire Members to invite others. 


After graduating from the 8-week program, entrepreneurs invite peers to become Members of JUST. These leaders facilitate weekly meetings as they build supportive community. 


Designed for Impact


Designed for Impact

4-Step Process for Impact


1. New Mental Models

JUST Members set a vision for their future. People must believe change is possible to have a growth mindset. 

JUST Measure of Impact: Member Confidence Score, Net Promoter Score

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2. Keystone Habits

JUST program is simple—plan, write it down, and reflect on the plan as Members develop keystone habits of:

  1. Setting goals
  2. Budgeting
  3. Analyzing risk
  4. Asking for help

JUST Measure of Impact: Member Retention, Net Promoter Score


3. Stronger Businesses

Members ability to adapt and learn are critical skills for building stronger businesses. 

JUST Measure of Impact: Revenue Change

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4. More Savings

With greater control over finances and earning more, Members will be able to save leading to more agency and choice. 

JUST Measure of Impact: Savings

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