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Empowering entrepreneurs to save and earn more money



Loans are based exclusively on trust, not a credit score. JUST has developed a process innovation on global microfinance designed for entrepreneurs in the United States.



At the center of the JUST model is the JETA – JUST Entrepreneur Trust Agent. These women are role models, facilitators, and community makers who invite other entrepreneurs into the JUST program.



A 100% mobile solution, JUST leverages technology to automate business processes, increase transparency for all stakeholders, and deliver a delightful experience for our clients.

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Meet Ivonne, JUST's first Community Director

The JUST program is designed to address the needs of the whole person. Money and technology are not enough. We believe human problems require human solutions. 


A program designed to support the whole person.

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We make small loans to entrepreneurs to start or grow their businesses, starting at $750 all based on trust.

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We create simple frameworks to foster peer-to-peer learning with a focus on goal setting and financial literacy.

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We recruit, train, and support entrepreneurs as peer leaders, known as JUST Entrepreneur Trust Agents (JETA).


Driving towards better outcomes.

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Stronger Businesses

  • Loans are invested in their businesses
  • Entrepreneurs set SMART goals
  • Education programs are designed to create life-long learners

Better Money Habits

  • Group financial coaching increases their money awareness 
  • Savings goals are set individually with group support
  • Weekly loan repayments build credit discipline 

More Social Capital

  • Small weekly group meetings create accountability
  • Large JUST gatherings offer inspiration
  • The JUST Benefit Network provides incentives for positive actions